Discover Bonafide® for bone density and healthy bones

Horse bone health – The challenge

The natural benefits of green grass for horses can never be underestimated. Whilst elements such as sugars may be problematic for some horses, the high levels of Vitamin K1 in green grass provide the catalyst for Osteocalcin in the bones to retain and improve density and overall bone health.

When grass quality or abundance is diminished or where horses are removed from pasture, the lack of natural Vitamin K1 and K2 can hinder bone quality and reduce density within 1-2 weeks.

Lower bone density increases the potential for fractures and other injuries as well as impacting performance, longevity and importantly the xray quality of young horses being prepared for sale or export.

Horse bone health – The answer

Quinaquanone® is the active ingredient in Bonafide®. Quinaquanone® is a patented, bio available form of Vitamin K1 and K2 which effectively mimics the natural benefits of horses grazing quality green grass. Horses fed Bonafide® have shown improved bone density and xrays and lower rates of shin soreness in 2yo racehorses.

Mitavite Hygain Bonafide

Horses that may benefit from Bonafide® 

  • Horses in stabled environments.
  • Horses grazing lower quality or sparsely available pasture
  • Horses who have suffered or are suffering bone related issues.
  • Young horses/Yearlings preparing for sale.

Benefits of Bonafide® 

  • Increased bone density.
  • Lower instances of shin soreness in young horses
  • Improved xray results. 
  • Healthier, stronger bones.

How is Bonafide® successful at protecting bone density?

Bonafide® provides the horse with bioavailable forms of K1 and K2. These vitamins have a critical effect on the function of osteocalcin, the bone protein that binds the mineral and protein in bone together. Without sufficient Vitamin K, the binding process is incomplete and low density or defective bone and cartilage are produced. Think of Vitamin K as being like the mortar for a strong brick wall.

Strong bones and the young racehorse

It sounds simple enough -Strong bones make for a robust horse. But what are some of the real world outcomes of poor bone density? For young horses, low bone density has been linked to Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) and Osteochondritis dissecans (OCDs) in yearlings, as well as DMD (shin soreness) in 2 year olds. It’s essential that bone density is supported in the diet.

Pasture can’t always provide horses with Vitamins K1 and K2

Naturally, pasture does contain bioavailable forms of Vitamins K1 and K2. The problem lies in the stability of pasture through the seasons. Factors such as UV light, wilting and “wintering off” all contribute to a loss in valuable vitamin content.

Horses without access to high quality pasture risk being deficient in Vitamin K. This leads to a reduction in bone density and strength. For the high performance horse, such a risk is not to be overlooked. Why? Because horses removed from Vitamin K rich pasture and brought into a stable/yard environment have demonstrated a reduction in bone density within 7-10 days.

What activities place strain on bone density?

Picture a horse at liberty in the paddock. It may gallop, slide to a stop, leap, and turn. All of these athletic manoeuvres place strain on the skeletal system. When you add equestrian sport into the mix, there is significantly more demand on the body. Over time, bone strain can lead to a range of skeletal disorders and in some events bone strain can have an immediate, irreparable effect. Put simply, we need to feed the bones!

Bonafide® helps fortify your horse’s bones for maximum longevity, both in the paddock and under saddle. And it’s not just for racehorses or growing horses. Bonafide® is ideal for any horse that doesn’t have constant access to lush green pasture. In fact, Bonafide® has proven so beneficial, that Mitavite® and Hygain® have used it to fortify other pre-mixes.

Bonafide® and young racehorses -The trial.

Bonafide® supplemented two year olds showed a marked increase in bone density during trials. In the trial, 26 two year old thoroughbred racehorses were divided into two groups. One group received 7mg of Bonafide® Vitamin K formulation each day in their feed for six months. The “Control” group received an apparently identical powder containing no natural Vitamin K.

Digital radiographs of the left third metacarpal bone and an adjacent aluminium step wedge were taken at various intervals. The radiographic density of the bone and the step wedge were measured and RBAE (radiographic bone aluminium equivalence) calculated.

At each subsequent measurement the RBAE for each horse was compared to its initial RBAE and the percentage change recorded.

Bonafide graph

Bonafide bones

Bonafide bones

How to feed Bonafide®

Recommended rates as below per day with food. 

 Horses stabled or with diminished access to pasture  10g per 500kg bodyweight per day. 
Foals & Weanlings  10g per 200kg bodyweight per day. 
Yearlings & 2 year olds  10g per 400kg bodyweight per day. 
Pregnant & Lactating Mares  10g per 500kg bodyweight per day. 


(Large end level scoop holds 10g; small end level scoop holds 3g.) 

You can purchase Bonafide® as a standalone supplement in a 1.2kg pouch (up to 120 doses), 3kg bucket and a 12kg bulk bucket. It is available from stock feed stores and online. 

Need help with your horse’s vitamins and minerals?  

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