Jody Hartstone

Jody Hartstone began riding age 6, with the arrival of her first pony. Since then she has never looked back. She started off through the Pony Club ranks, gaining her A and H certificates, and finishing up captaining the NZ Interpacific Pony Club Team in Japan. After that she began a life as a freelance three day event groom before a newly discovered passion for dressage took over and Jody began riding and training horses full time.

A chance meeting with Australia's Dr Andrew McLean saw Jody begin to study Equitation Science in 2009. She is now renown as one of the world's leading practitioners of Equitation Science with the science of Learning Theory (how horse's learn and how behaviours can be modified ) being her main focus.

When not travelling the world coaching, Jody runs a Lusitano and Warmblood Stud Farm in New Zealand and trains and competes up to Grand Prix Level in Dressage with her winter months spent following hounds on the hunt field. She also enjoys teaching and competing in the newly immerging sport of Working Equitation

Jody has been a representative of the Mitavite brand for near on 15 years and counting.

Riding discipline:


Top achievements:

NZ Horse of the Year Show Grand Prix Champion - Landioso - 2009

NZ Horse of the Year Show Grand Prix Champion - Whisper - 2010

3rd Place Sydney CDI Grand Prix Kur - Whisper - 201

Winner of Best Rider Award - Tri Nations Derby, Johannesburg 2007

Winner Sydney CDI PSG Derby - 2006

Favourite feed and supplements:

Competition horses

Jamaica Cruzeiro Do Sul
16.7hh Lusitano, 2014

16.7hh Lusitano, 2005


16.7hh New Zealand Warmblood, 2017